CIO: The 6 c’s of success for c-suite execs

2019-01-07T15:02:54+11:00June 21st, 2017|

C-suite executives need a combination of leadership skills - namely the 6 c’s - in order to cultivate professional empowerment and help steer organisations to success, according to a management expert. Bendelta co-founder and chairman, Anthony Mitchell, outlined the ‘6 c’s’ as he discussed leadership skills and the power of psychological, biological and behavioural patterns

Learning and Development Professional: The key trends challenging L&D professionals in 2017

2019-01-07T15:03:00+11:00June 17th, 2017|

With the proliferation of technology driving personalised, collaborative, social learning, eLearning, organisations are working out ways to adapt to dramatic shifts in learners’ lifestyles, expectations, and learning environments. However, while organisations focus on key areas such as upskilling and employee retention, there are several L&D trends that have the potential to impact significantly on both

Learning and Development Professional: New institute uses scientific approach to enhance L&D

2019-01-07T15:03:07+11:00June 13th, 2017|

A new virtual institute, named Potentiology, is dedicated to lifting the performance and capability of executives by an average of up to 30%. The institute has mapped the psychological, biological and behavioural patterns of the world's most successful people, including World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen, cellist and child prodigy, Yo-Yo Ma and imprisoned journalist, Peter

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