Business Insider Australia: 5 ways millennials are reshaping global business

2019-01-07T14:57:46+11:00November 29th, 2017|

Anthony Mitchell recently spoke to Business Insider Australia around the different ways millennials are reshaping the business world. The article written by Chris Pash also features: Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research David Jones, senior managing director of Robert Half Asia Pacific Jorn Lyseggen, the Norwegian founder of global media monitoring service

Inside HR: Where should HR directors focus in the cyber physical age?

2019-01-07T14:57:58+11:00November 23rd, 2017|

Given the seemingly endless disruption to work as we know it, how do you chart a course when each year is seeming so different from the last in terms of what is driving business performance and society more generally? It feels like the agenda is constantly changing: adding work-life integration, employee experience, diversity and inclusion,

Virgin Australia Voyeur: 5 minutes with Anthony Mitchell

2019-01-07T14:58:13+11:00November 21st, 2017|

Anthony Mitchell was recently interviewed by Sarah Norris from Virgin Australia for their Voyeur Magazine as part of their 5 minute insights. The article provides a fascinating insight into Potentiology and focuseses on the following: What is Potentiology? How does it work? Why use this approach? Why is this approach important in 2017? To read

Redesigning organisations and leaders for the cyber-physical age

2019-01-07T14:58:38+11:00November 15th, 2017|

It was a great pleasure to deliver Bendelta’s special event last week on ‘redesigning organisations and leaders for the cyber-physical age’. It has been fascinating to talk with attendees to understand how the event has ignited new ideas and questions for them. The purpose of this article, whether you attended the event or not, is

Bendelta Global Leadership Conference 2017 – Highlights

2019-01-07T14:58:51+11:00November 14th, 2017|

We thoroughly enjoyed our Global Leadership Conference - Redesigning Organisations and Leaders for the Cyber Physical Age with our guest speakers including: Aleksandra Przegalinska, Patrycja Slawuta, Kaila Colbin, Tyrone S. Pitsis, Dr Jordan Nguyen, James Chin Moody, Patrick Schmidt, Alex Badenoch, Scott Thomson and Andrew Richardson. With over 250 guests we had a fantastic time learning, sharing and transforming the way we think about exponential technologies

Australian Financial Review: Keeping employees informed during deal process

2019-01-07T14:59:04+11:00November 8th, 2017|

Companies entering into a merger or acquisition should start developing a change plan for their employees at the same time the deal is being negotiated and should not sugar-coat bad news, workplace experts say. Anthony Mitchell, chief potential officer at strategic leadership firm Bendelta, said too often businesses were caught out by failing to prepare

Dynamic Business: The power of ‘brain theft’: Why you should copy others if you want to be a great leader

2019-01-07T14:59:18+11:00November 3rd, 2017|

We are relentlessly told that we should be ‘authentic’ and find our own approach to leading. The idea of emulation is almost frowned upon. But while many people will say that you need to create your own style, not copy others, the neuroscience of performance has produced some very different answers. In any domain where

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