Inside HR: 6 keys to effective leadership in the new world of work

2019-01-07T14:54:26+11:00March 21st, 2018|

There are 6 important steps HR and business leaders should take in order to develop 21st century leadership capabilities and lead their workforces into the new world of work, writes Anthony Mitchell Leadership is all about context. For example, we all know that you should lead differently in a crisis, compared to times of smooth sailing. It’s equally

Dynamic Business: It’s time … To hand over the leadership reins

2019-01-07T14:54:33+11:00March 19th, 2018|

Some years ago, I was advising two of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the country. They had built an amazing national brand and were going from strength to strength in terms of geographic coverage, revenue and customer numbers. But, they were having challenges managing the business now that it was so large. They explained: “We’re

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