Australian Financial Review: 5 ways leaders can make the most of the holidays

It’s one of the largest challenges in today’s cyber-physical age -being able to fully disconnect and ‘switch off’. Holidays fail to be relaxing if you are unable to remove yourself from work and sooner or later you will burn out. These patterns aren’t sustainable and research has proven that you have a significantly enhanced chance of reaching your potential when you have rested.

To help Anthony Mitchell has spoken to Australian Financial Review about how you can make the most of your time off to return to work a more efficient and well rested leader. His tips include how to actually take a holiday moving from ‘flight or fight’ to ‘rest and digest’, taking the right sort of holidays that will provide you with the greatest benefit and using holidays a circuit breaker to stop those niggley bad habits. Anthony then talks through how can be present on your holiday using that special time to be in the moment whether it appreciating the natural scenery or getting a thrill from a exhilarating sport activity. To conclude he sums up how to set yourself up for the future and what lies ahead.

To read Anthony’s tips and the full article click here 

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