Australian Financial Review: Advisory services: Australian companies, public sector most likely to use consultants

Did you know that Britain and Australia are leading the way when it comes to engaging with external providers and consultants to provide an outside view of how they can improve their business with digital transformation driving demand.

A recent study by Source Global Research, a company based in Britain estimates that Australia continues to have the largest consulting market relative to national income in the world. In 2017 alone, the total size of the Australian market grew by 7% meaning that the total income spent was $US 5 billion. So what does this mean for Australian Consulting firms?

Anthony Mitchell speaks to the Australian Financial Review around the key focus areas that consulting firms will need to build on to make them a top choice for clients. This includes both enhancing their brand and investing in technology in order to stand out from the strength of the most powerful consumer brands. For the technology aspect, there are numerous firms which have their own trademarks, IP and methodologies however its hard to think about technologies that clients would be reluctant to move away from.

To read the full article and Anthony’s recommendations in the Australian Financial Review click here



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