Business Insider Australia: How to tame an uncontrollable boss

Most of us have been in situations where we feel that our boss is difficult, sometimes even uncontrollable. These types of leaders generally fall into 4 different types of categories:

  1. The Autocrat – the leader who values their autonomy over everyone
  2. The one trick pony – this is somebody who has made a positive impact in a short space of time. There are 3 sub types of this leader:
    1. The lucky leader – the business climate worked in their favour and made it a lot easier for them succeed
    2. The single style leader – a single leadership approach that they took that was fit for the time but no longer relevant
    3. The casino leader – they undertook a high risk situation which paid off
  3. The personal maelstron leader – this is usually personal in nature and is someone who is out of control for totally different reasons (e.g. relationship breakdown, deep dissatisfaction with work)
  4. The Narcissist/ egomaniac – the worst kind where somebody has gained a position through average ability and high influencing skills. Underneath the surface however their behaviour can be self serving and unethical.

To find out more about each of the different types and how you can work with them effectively click here

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