Carlyle Kingswood Global: Five keys to making your next conference a success

The majority of companies will have either booked in their conference for 2020 or have started to plan it. It’s interesting though as some of these will be a great success whereas others can be a waste of time and resources or worse still leave you in a weaker position than if the event hadn’t occurred at all! Our Chief Potential Officer, Anthony, shares with you his 5 key questions you should be asking to help you achieve the most most from your next conference!

1. “What value are we seeking to create?”

Why hold a offsite team retreat, strategy planning session or a executive level conference?

Often responses include “because we do it every year” or “because all of the other teams/firms do so” however, unfortunately these are all the wrong reasons yet this accounts for a majority of such events. It leads to boring or contrived events which struggle for engagement or attendance (even if they are mandatory).

The first requirement is to understand why holding the event is important. Ask yourself “If this is to be a great success, what should it deliver?” If you can’t provide a compelling answer to that question, you should consider not holding it at all.

The positive news is that, if well designed and run, these events usually are worth holding. In addition, they can be valuable for multiple reasons and multiple benefits can be created from the one event. Some of the more compelling reasons include:

  • To shape goals and priorities that will improve our business performance and enable us to focus on the things that are most important for our business.
  • To create alignment so that we are clear on our direction and more likely to work collaboratively in the future.
  • To generate team spirit that makes everyone feel more excited about working here and more likely to be motivated and productive.
  • To improve our knowledge and skills, so that we know more about what’s happening in our environment and are equipped for the future.

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