Inside HR: Best practice leadership development: how do you measure up?

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“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” – William Gibson Each year, I am exposed to more than 100 different organisations’ approaches to leadership development – sometimes intimately involved in design and/or delivery and sometimes in an advisory capacity. Within this, I have the chance to assist many of the most progressive organisations to

Inside HR: A 3-step recipe for cultivating great leaders (from the world of bonsai trees)

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There is no difference between the DNA of a giant fig tree and a tiny bonsai fig tree. Both have the potential to be massive. To grow giants, leaders need to do the opposite of how one creates a bonsai I recently had the great privilege of speaking alongside Professor Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel

Inside HR: 6 keys to effective leadership in the new world of work

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There are 6 important steps HR and business leaders should take in order to develop 21st century leadership capabilities and lead their workforces into the new world of work, writes Anthony Mitchell Leadership is all about context. For example, we all know that you should lead differently in a crisis, compared to times of smooth sailing. It’s equally

Dynamic Business: It’s time … To hand over the leadership reins

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Some years ago, I was advising two of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the country. They had built an amazing national brand and were going from strength to strength in terms of geographic coverage, revenue and customer numbers. But, they were having challenges managing the business now that it was so large. They explained: “We’re

Client award: Richard Crookes Construction

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We love it when our clients receive recognition for all their hard work and so we were delighted when we heard that RCC were recently named in the top 5 companies in the 2017 Employee Engagement Awards for the ANZ region. It’s a very well-deserved award and to find out more about the RCC employee

Business Insider Australia: 5 promises every Australian CEO and business leader should make right now

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If you’re like the majority of the adult population, your new year’s resolutions might already be waning. Why is the failure rate so high? Because most resolutions are based on wishful thinking — they don’t reflect the important motivational reasons for your current behaviour. But if you’re in a CEO or leadership position, there’s little

Dynamic Business: The science behind successful business leaders

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“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal” – TS Eliot,1920 (“The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism”) TS Eliot’s famous epithet is both witty and profound. It is also wonderfully contrarian. We are taught that we should never steal or plagiarise, that we should find our own path. Yet here is one of the greatest poets of

Business Insider Australia: Millennials are about to take charge of the worlds biggest companies – heres what to expect

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This article features a number of millennials revealing how they approach business and includes: Chris Brycki, the founder and CEO of a robo-adviser fund manager Stockspot Matt Tindale, Managing Director of LinkedIn in Australia. David Hickey, Director for Australia and New Zealand at media monitoring service Meltwater Hugh Stephens, co-founder at Galileo Ventures Mick Spencer,

Business Insider Australia: 5 ways millennials are reshaping global business

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Anthony Mitchell recently spoke to Business Insider Australia around the different ways millennials are reshaping the business world. The article written by Chris Pash also features: Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research David Jones, senior managing director of Robert Half Asia Pacific Jorn Lyseggen, the Norwegian founder of global media monitoring service

Inside HR: Where should HR directors focus in the cyber physical age?

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Given the seemingly endless disruption to work as we know it, how do you chart a course when each year is seeming so different from the last in terms of what is driving business performance and society more generally? It feels like the agenda is constantly changing: adding work-life integration, employee experience, diversity and inclusion,