Creating winning businesses for the cyber-physical age: Bendelta clients showcase the leadership, learning and culture of the future

Bendelta is thrilled that three of our clients (NSW Health, Bayer and KPMG) are all speaking at the same event: the HR Summit on the Gold Coast from 27-29 March. The ground-breaking projects which they will highlight (all of which were partnerships with Bendelta) address the three domains that companies most need to change: how leaders lead, how employees learn, and how businesses innovate.

In terms of both ‘how leaders lead’ and ‘how employees learn’, NSW Health (one of Australia’s largest organisations, with over 100,000 employees) will speak on “Formulating an Outstanding Program to Develop Tomorrow’s Healthcare Executives”. This profiles a truly pioneering program which Bendelta and NSW Health have co-designed and co-delivered to create future CEOs for the health sector. The program is revolutionary in almost every way: from the immersive techniques, the engagement at system level, the approach to impact evaluation and even the relationship between the participants and the faculty.

Addressing all three domains, KPMG will speak on “A New Kind of Leadership: Exploring More Progressive Methods to Develop Key Talent”. This too has been a very close partnership between Bendelta and our client KPMG. Through both organisational and role re-design, and the creation and delivery of an innovative, multi-faceted longitudinal development program, KPMG has created a paradigm shift whereby partners and senior managers are carefully selected for people management roles, equipped with the skills and reinforced to demonstrate the right behaviours.

Finally, again addressing all three domains, leading global pharmaceutical leader Bayer will present “Shaking the Cookie: Transforming a Culture from Risk-Averse to Innovative and Entrepreneurial” on how the company overhauled what was a conservative, risk-averse culture. They will highlight how Bendelta and Bayer co-developed a wide variety of initiatives, so that employees were liberated and encouraged to be bolder and more autonomous. As attendees will hear, the flame needed careful fanning before growing like wildfire, creating today’s culture of incredible initiative and innovation, as well as impressive revenue growth.

The collective story is a powerful one and sheds important light on how organisations must change if they are to survive and thrive in the cyber-physical age. The industrial age model, on which most companies are still fundamentally based, is deeply flawed: the learning processes don’t create behaviour change, the leadership development doesn’t create better leaders and the culture acts as a barrier, not an enabler, to innovation, collaboration and customer-centricity. Congratulations to NSW Health, KPMG and Bayer for their boldness and vision. The pioneering steps they have taken with Bendelta, and the superb results these initiatives are delivering, are a valuable illumination for others of a new and better way.

About the Author:

Anthony Mitchell is the co-founder and Chief Potential Officer of Bendelta. He is an internationally recognised thought leader in strategic leadership. He has been advising companies internationally for the last 25 years, working across more than 30 countries on five continents advising clients ranging from leading multi-nationals and listed companies to major government agencies and not-for-profits.

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