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Executive Coaching

Bendelta’s coaching philosophy is based on the ‘scientist-practitioner’ model of professional coaching practice, drawing on extensively researched and validated ‘evidence-based’ principles, concepts and practice established in the behavioural sciences.

Executive Coaching is a leadership development intervention, where individuals can work privately and individually with their coach to develop specific leadership competencies, prepare for change, or transition into a new role.

The process of executive coaching facilitates an outcome/s, which is set by the coachee. Each executive coaching program is unique to the individual being coached and the competencies they want to develop.

Executive coaching is a confidential process and one that stretches and challenges the coachee, as they develop new skills and behaviours. It is also a process where in the moment feedback is given, based on what the coach sees, hears and observes. As Bill Gates has said “We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve”.  Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google goes one step further when he suggests that “everybody needs a coach” because of the value to people of “seeing themselves as others see them”.  Our Executive Coaches operate all over Australia in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and if required via video conferencing.

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Our coaching offerings

Individual Coaching programs (can be face to face or virtual) are customised to the coachee’s specific developmental needs and offer optimal flexibility in terms of areas explored. The main advantage of individual coaching programs is that they are customised to the coachee’s specific developmental needs and offer optimal flexibility in terms of areas explored. Because it is personalised, the coach and coachee get to know each other on a one-on-one basis and are able to delve more deeply into issues.  Our coaches operate in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane and can also be offered in other Australian areas via teleconference.

This usually involves all members of an intact team – project, department or function, i.e. the individuals share a common goal and task and are usually looking for guidance on how to work more effectively (individually and collectively) to achieve that outcome.

At Bendelta, we integrate team coaching into our Top Team programs to effectively coach teams to move towards peak performance.

Mentoring is sharing skills, knowledge and life experience to guide their mentee towards reaching their full potential; it’s a journey of shared discovery. A mentor can be anyone from a role model, to coach to trusted adviser and they encourage their mentee to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

This group process provides an opportunity for collaborative problem solving. It also offers a framework to meta-track learning of content, run a facilitative process, deepen self-awareness and further develop the skills of communication, collaboration and influencing.

This can be done as a standalone session utilising off the shelf psychometric assessments / 360’s, or utilising a bespoke tool designed by Bendelta. It can also be integrated into a short coaching program as part of a longitudinal leadership development program,

The key to adult development is self-awareness and the key to self-awareness is robust, credible information from objective or multi-perspective sources. Bendelta conducts vast numbers of 360-degree surveys and other assessments, including our own proprietary tools, bespoke assessments and existing psychometrics. We have the tools, methodologies and experience to ensure that you have the most accurate picture of your executives’ capabilities and behaviours, which in turn assists them to drive their professional development.

Meet some of our Executive Coaches

Contact our expert Executive Coaching team today to find out how we can transform the potential of your organisastion’s leaders.

Janine Daniels
Head of Executive Coaching
Janine is a Principal Consultant and Head of Executive Coaching. Janine’s expertise lies in integrating neuroscience with deep transformation.
Justina Stromnes
Principal Consultant
Justina is a Principal Consultant and a corporate psychologist.
Paul Barrie
Senior Manager
Paul is a Senior Manager, specialising in the design, delivery and facilitation of leadership development experiences.

Coaching Testimonials

Coached by Janine, I managed to unpick some the puzzle of what I perceived to be holding me back in reaching through to the next level in my career and move from being a manager and a respected technical expert and to enter into a leadership and a more strategic mindset. As both a coach and facilitator, Janine challenges, encourages and forces you to dig deep inside to find the answers. It’s a simultaneously uncomfortable and hugely satisfying experience!
Helen, Transport for NSW

I wanted to let you know how great an impact you have had on my personal growth as leader. As my coach, you have created a relationship of trust that has meant that I have experienced a 360-degree feedback process as a real opportunity for growth and increased self-awareness. I have found you joyful, encouraging, authentic, pragmatic, honest, enthusiastic, empathetic, wise and brave. I am conscious that I would not be where I am today without your careful and honest feedback

Coachee, CREATE, NSW

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