For the first time, Bendelta brings the highly successful ‘Community at Work’ Group Facilitation Skills Public Program to Australia

We are delighted to bring you the highly successful Group Facilitation Skills Public Program. Empower people to engage in collaboration and decision making, and they will buy into the solution.

With the increased use of technology and people working in more flexible ways, fostering collaboration and connection has never been more important. The ability to think and work together productively is vital. The skills required to help people do their best thinking and more effectively collaborate are underpinned by the ability to encourage participation and build mutual understanding in a group. This course will teach you how to work with groups to effectively:

  • ​ Draw out and consolidate ideas
  • ​ Involve people in the decision-making process
  • ​ Manage a group’s dynamics and energy to enable its best thinking
  • ​ Work with diverse stakeholder groups
  • ​ Empower individuals and teams
  • ​ Strengthen team relationships

As citizens of the world, learning to work together is one of the most crucial challenges facing all of us.

When and where:

  • Melbourne: 21 – 23 April
  • Sydney: 25 – 27 May


  • $2,500 per participant. This includes a copy of Amazon’s No 1 international best-selling book on facilitation: “The Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision Making”, by Sam Kaner et al which the course is based off, morning and afternoon tea

Facilitator – Paul Barrie

Paul specialises in facilitating experiential leadership, personal development and group decision making outcomes in Australia and with diverse multinational groups. His extensive experience in leading high-profile stakeholder collaborations and his expertise in facilitating group development experiences combine to generate authentic and approachable connections and highly immersive and innovative personal development experiences.

He has undertaken a rigorous training regime to bring this internationally acclaimed course to Australia, working directly with the author(s) of the ‘Facilitators Guide to Participatory Decision-Making’ for several months across the USA.

Paul has a specific passion for equipping leaders with the skills needed to encourage groups to do their best thinking and create the best environments for higher order collaboration.

Hear about the course:

 “I’m proud and honoured that Paul will be using my book to teach GROUP FACILITATION SKILLS in Australia.  Paul studied intensively with me and my partner Nelli Noakes, learning and practicing the delivery of every module of this program.  I know Paul to be a seasoned, skillful teacher – warm, engaging, and profoundly sincere in his commitment to putting participatory values into practice.” Sam Kaner PhD. Author Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making (Wiley & Sons), 3rd edition 2014.  Executive Director Community At Work. 

“The Introduction to Participatory Facilitation program was the best live training I’ve ever attended. The skills I developed over those three days have stayed with me and benefited my professional and personal life in often unexpected ways. Over the three days of the program we covered the entire facilitation process from start to finish in an intelligent, measured way that was challenging and fun. From set-up, to techniques like stacking and tracking, dealing with difficult dynamics, maintain focus and momentum, and reaching consensus and closure, the program developed in depth and complexity as we progressed. All participants were involved in running mini facilitation sessions across the three days, and were given the information, tools and support to develop our skills. The course enabled me to go back to my work project with confidence, and deliver an outcome that exceeded expectations.” Rochelle Bright, IP Australia

To register and find out more contact Emma Kelly (Program Manager) on 02 9232 3401 or email


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