Inside HR: 7 steps to determining your leadership style and becoming a better leader

If you are in a leadership position, self reflection and evaluation of your leadership style is critical to creating a more successful team and business in 2019. With the new year in front of us what better time than now to change your leadership style and become a more effective and efficient leader!

To start with there are a number of steps that can help establish your style.

  1. Ask for feedback: one of the best ways to fully understand how you lead both under stress and in normal operating conditions is seeking feedback on you and your style and what impact this has on your team & employees.
  2. Reflect on your performance: reflection is a great way to process and synthesize your thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions and ultimately enhance your self understanding.
  3. Compare the ‘real’ and the ‘ideal’: the ‘real’ self refers to who you actually are whereas the ideal self is what and where you actually want to be. This is helpful as ultimately it can identify any gaps in development and help you focus your efforts.
  4.  Understand your leadership style: Understanding what you bring to leadership and what you could bring to leadership is critical when building a toolkit of styles to embody and draw on in various situations.

Anthony Mitchell writes for Inside HR around the steps you can take to understand your baseline and then examines 3 strategies for improving your leadership style. To read the full article  click here. 


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