Inside HR: Leading through disruption? 5 questions you need to ask to prepare for the future

Disruption isn’t something that should be feared or avoided. On the contrary the approach should be quite the opposite and should be considered an opportunity. It’s where everyone can co-author and contribute to the vision of the company’s future and where the full potential of every employee and person can be achieved, writes Anthony Mitchell

It doesn’t matter if disruption has become an immediate business requirement or whether you want to ensure your business and team is ready, leading through uncertainty is not simple or straightforward and can create a large amount of pressure for any leader, no matter how much experience they have. Disruption, on both a small and large scale will impact and be felt by employees and can lead to significant repercussions. These are shown in the following ways:

  • Uncertainty: there are several situations that trigger physiological threat responses, and one of these is uncertainty. Confronted with disruption, your employees are probably unsure about what the situation is, concerned about what they should do about it, and their role, both will it exist and if it does what does it look like.
  • Confusion: with the need to think and act differently in order to remain relevant in a  evolving world, your team may also experience confusion around the organisation’s vision and purpose, as well as their place in this ecosystem.
  • Resistance: major changes to tools, systems and processes have the potential to create resistance and overwhelm your employees, who either don’t agree with the changes or don’t understand why they were put in place.

All of the above have the real potential to negatively impact staff through decreased motivation, reduced performance and adversely affects the well-being of the people who ultimately contribute to your business either thriving through disruption or falling behind and failing. So how do you avoid disruption and help prepare your employees to become future fit? There are 5 key questions you should ask yourself and let’s begin with these.

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