Inside HR: Want leadership engagement? 6 steps to getting people to follow leaders willingly

Huge changes are impacting the business environment and work and it’s now more important than ever that employees believe in the company’s leaders and want to follow them. In this latest article Anthony Mitchell shares his insights about these changes and his 6 tips that companies can do to help the process. 

The definition of leadership in The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner still holds true today even though it was published in a different age from today’s business landscape. They define leadership as “the art of mobilizing others to want to strive for shared aspirations” and when asking people what was most important to them in a leader they described them as “someone whose direction you would willingly follow”.

There are two words that we would like to make mention of “want” and “willingly“. These are very significant as if a leader mobilizes others (and is successful) through extrinsic rewards or force, it’s actually not leadership. If someone has the position and title of CEO or the like and have the ability to award bonuses or fire someone again, it’s not leadership – this fails the ‘want’ test described above and in addition means that any other person can get the same outcome through title or formal authority and leadership becomes something that requires no personal qualities at all.

There is also the paternalistic leadership that results in “heroic leaders” who inadvertently end up stifling the leadership potential of others.

We have seen today that sweeping changes are emerging in today’s business world and these changes are having a direct impact on what it means to be an effective leader. Anthony shares with Inside HR  the biggest changes being seen and his key tips on how companies can fill the organisation with the leadership that is required.

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