Inside HR: 4 ways to get employees to own change through a business transformation

Many companies and departments are going through both large and small scale change and transformation however one of the most important outcomes of this is that the change created is long lasting and impactful.
In his latest article for InsideHR Anthony Mitchell  shares how you can ensure your transformation is just that and explains the fundamental steps you need to take in order maximise your people and hand the reigns to them to drive and sustain change. 

In our new business world change is the only real constant that will always be there. As a leader and manager you play a critical role in managing the disruption that can result from this but ultimately it’s your people who are the crucial link to ensuring that change within your organisation is successful and sustainable.

The next question to ask is how do you engage your people to think like owners, and run with the design and implementation of these new ways of working? Creating an ownership mentality is an essential first step, as it leaves your people feeling invested enough to voluntarily contribute to and drive through change in the company.

Here are four ways to inspire an ownership mentality:

1. A defined state of idealism.

2. Intrinsic motivation for change.

3. Invitation and permission.

4. Reciprocity.

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