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Insights and Analytics

People insights and analytics is a core business enabler and differentiator. From employee surveys and research to evaluation and assessment to data analysis and visualisation, those organisations that effectively measure, collect, analyse and understand the key drivers of success have a distinct competitive advantage.

We have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the cyber-physical age. This is characterised by transformational shifts in the velocity, scope and impact of exponential technologies and expanding interconnections between highly complex systems. Within this context, intelligent people analytics can help to make sense of the complexity, connect previously disparate data points, and make accurate future predictions.

There is a science and an art to people analytics. At Bendelta, we are applying robust scientific method in creative and innovative ways to uncover answers to your most important people questions within the business and social context that they are applied. Our methodology, in its simplest form, is outlined below.

Ask important research questions

1. Ask
important research questions

Develop logical hypotheses

2. Develop

Conduct creative experiments

3. Conduct

Record and analyse data

4. Record
and analyse

Report and visualise actionable insights

5. Report
and visualise actionable insights

Bendelta’s Insights and Analytics offering combines expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis methods at both the individual and collective levels. This is supported by our highly capable and experienced team, intelligent technological enablers and simple, efficient processes.


  • Desktop review
  • Business intelligence
  • Literature review
  • Needs/gap analysis


  • Employee engagement
  • Culture surveys
  • 360-degree surveys
  • Pulse surveys


  • Psychometrics
  • Assessment centres
  • Structured interviews
  • Recruitment support


  • Data triangulation
  • Predictive analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Dashboarding

and review

  • Program evaluation
  • Evaluation plans
  • Impact evaluation
  • Return on investment
Applied across qualitative and quantitative data
Applied at the individual and collective levels

Case Studies

The examples below highlight our people analytics experience, including: employee engagement surveys and listening strategies, data triangulation indices, complex program evaluations, robust assessment centres, and organisational needs analyses.

A brand new approach to tracking leadership behaviours for an ASX Top 5 company

Leadership Behaviours

A brand new approach to tracking leadership behaviours for an ASX Top 5 company
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Evaluation of flagship leadership program for a leading telecommunications company

Flagship Leadership Program

Evaluation of flagship leadership program for a leading telecommunications company
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Meet some of our Insights and Analytics team

If you are interested in uncovering the answers to your most important people questions, or would like to find out more about people analytics, then get in touch with our Insights and Analytics team:

Matthew Hull
Head of Insights and Analytics
Matthew is the Head of Analytics and Insights. He has a passion for exploring the opportunities that disruptive technologies offer practitioners in adult learning, and positions technology as a key enabler of humanistic development, critical analysis and strategic synthesis.
David Schofield
Principal Consultant
David is a Principal Consultant, specialising in the design, development, and delivery of capability-enhancing programs for professionals.
Michelle Lin
Senior Manager
Michelle is a Senior Manager specialising in executive coaching, strategy research and market analysis.

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