CEO Magazine: Take all the time you need

With burnout rates on the rise, some CEOs are taking matters into their own hands to improve the work– life balance of their teams. But is introducing unlimited annual leave a risky move?

Our Co-Founder and Chief Potential Officer Anthony Mitchell speaks to CEO Magazine about how offering unlimited leave can be a powerful differentiator when attracting and retaining talent in a competitive marketplace.

“The employee experience is of major importance when it comes to attracting people,” he says. “If you create an attractive experience that includes a consideration for people’s wellbeing and their ability to have some autonomy over how they manage their work and life, it is incredibly appealing.”

The policy can also be used to help prevent burnout, a phenomenon the World Health Organization officially defined in 2019 as an ‘occupational phenomenon.’  While rates of burnout vary according to profession, Medscape’s recent survey of 15,000 doctors in the US found that almost half were experiencing symptoms.

There is a trend towards companies offering more annual leave than the legal minimum, as well as more generous parental leave schemes and even four-day weeks. Unlimited leave, however, remains uncommon.

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