Building the ideal life changing leadership development program for your career

The need for a renewed focus on leadership development has never been more urgent in today’s VUCA world. With high levels of uncertainty and complexity the skills that have supported leaders in the past are no longer adequate for the future business environment.

One of the most effective ways to develop and nurture a leader’s skills is through bespoke and transformational leadership development programs. The return on investment for these can be huge and has positive on-going continued benefits reaching far beyond the end of the formal program close. These include:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Enhanced continuous learning culture
  • Increased levels of innovation

A pioneering leadership development program will hone in on five particular qualities in order to prepare leaders for the future, provide an exciting, stimulating experience and spark positive change within the organisation. These five aspects include:

  • Communication – being able to communicate is a core leadership function, and as such it’s the focus of many leadership development projects. A leader needs to be able to articulate the vision and ensure that everyone understands their roles, expectations and goals.
  • Good leadership is not just about creating a high performing team. It’s also important that those in the team feel like they’re growing and learning and that’s where coaching comes in. A good coach enhances their employee’s motivation and career development by stretching and challenging them as they develop their leadership skills and behaviours.
  • One of the greatest challenges that leaders find is understanding the accountability dynamics within their team. Newer leaders in particular struggle to break from the mentality of being accountable exclusively for their own work to becoming accountable for their team’s. Leadership development can address this challenge that many find as they step into management roles.
  • Change Management. With the dynamics of modern work being as fluid as they are, change management is a critical skill that modern leaders need to develop. Being able to articulate a change to their team, and ensure that there are the adequate feedback loops in place to understand the impact of that change is a key quality of modern leadership.
  • Being agile is essential i.e., quickly moving from one situation to another and being able to bounce back after set-backs. Not everyone is naturally agile, but this too is a leadership trait that can be acquired through leaderships development.

Our leadership development programs are uniquely tailored to your context and we draw upon innovative and groundbreaking methods to help unlock individual potential and deliver transformational change. The programs are designed to instil an understanding and application of direction, purpose, communication, agility and curiosity not only helping individuals and organisations stay future fit but building great leaders in all sectors, at all stages of leadership.

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