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Leadership Development

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
-John F. Kennedy

Bendelta designs and delivers more bespoke executive-level leadership programs than anyone else in Australia. We are driven to help your leaders be their best, with positive effects cascading through to your people, culture, and organisational results. We put you at the cutting edge of leadership development. We are passionate about using innovative and scientifically proven methods to build essential leadership skills required for your organisation to navigate the cyber-physical age.

Working on some of Asia-Pacific’s largest and highest-impact leadership development initiatives, our work is based on ongoing research and methods focused on the application of Bendelta’s Potentiology™ framework. Potentiology™ is the science and art of unlocking human potential, created to determine how critical capabilities can be developed further, faster and more durably.

We are passionate about partnering with you on leadership development that helps you to do one or more of the following for your organisation:

  • Create memorable, immersive, leadership development experiences
  • Build a leadership team, including top team development and top team effectiveness
  • Identify and elevate specific leadership capabilities required for the future of work
  • Align bespoke leadership development to target capability models
  • Create enterprise leadership, with a leadership cadre acting as one
  • Align and build management and leadership capability through all layers
  • Identify, retain, engage and develop top talent, via talent management
  • Develop people to meet succession needs in the business
  • Support those who are leading change, including change leadership and digital leadership capabilities
  • Create a whole-of-organisation leadership strategy

How Do We Do This?

Our leadership development initiatives are tailored to suit your unique needs and organisational context. As a result, there is a multitude of ways solutions can be designed, and a variety of focus capabilities to develop. All of our solutions are designed by evoking learning science, that is solutions that challenge and stretch, while also allowing leaders to explore new ways of working in a safe-to-learn environment. We seek to provide a pathway that is transformative, immersive, and experiential – in a way that is enjoyable, but meaningful.

Part of how we make the learnings sticky and applicable is through the support mechanisms we wrap into our leadership development programs, outside of formal learning events. These mechanisms include but are not limited to digitally enabled learning, technology supports (e.g. VR; biofeedback tools), robust psychometrics, quality feedback, executive coaching, mentoring, shadowing or other ‘learning from others’ , development plans, online repositories, and access to other resources such as peer and organisational networks.

Our large team of leadership developers is made up of professionals from a broad range of backgrounds yet, we are similar in one specific way – we implement tools, models, activities and experiences that we know work. Contact us for Leadership Development programs in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane.

Our Leadership Programs

Capacity: Develop resilience and access purpose to achieve in challenging conditions.

Connectedness: Use the power of empathy to lead individuals and teams, and enhance customer experience.

Creativity: Think non-linearly to generate new ideas and deliver innovation.

Collaboration: Fuse the power of multiple people and perspectives to produce exponential outcomes.

Choice: Apply scientific methods and behavioural insights for high-quality decisions.

Change agility: Identify inflection points, then adapt and swiftly execute.

We develop group programs by level, role or experience to build leadership strength. Programs are infused with our ‘Potentiology’ science-backed methods.

The future performance of your business is informed by the identification and development of high-potential leaders. We assist clients to accurately assess potential and facilitate leaders’ realisation of their best-fit career pathway.

High potentials need accelerated development in the capability areas of greatest strategic value to the organisation. Bendelta designs programs that fast-track leaders’ growth through high intensity immersions and hands-on exposure to the organisation’s strategic imperatives.

More than ever, leadership development needs to be cohesive, with connected interventions at each stage of the leadership pipeline (from first-line manager to C-suite). Bendelta devises bespoke pipeline programs of up to six levels, so that the development process is both strategically aligned overall and tailored to the transitional needs at each level of leadership.


NSW Health

Senior Executive Development Program

Potentiology CapacityDelta Program

Our capacityDELTA program video specifically focused on resilience

Case studies

developing world-class senior leaders

Developing world-class senior leaders for a major global engineering firm

Senior Executive development program

Delivering a high potential Senior Executive development program for NSW Health

Strategic leadership programs

Strategic leadership programs for Transport for NSW

Meet some of our Leadership Development Consultants

Natalie Ferres
Director and Chief Connection Officer
Natalie is a Bendelta Director and Chief Connection Officer.
 Richard Wilson
Director and Head of Melbourne
Richard is a Director and Head of Melbourne, with a background in leadership development, strategy and transformation. With areas of related expertise in the human capital and management consulting arena, Richard has focused on assisting clients to build solutions that integrate business goals with sustainable people development.
Dr Lisa Gulick
Principal Consultant

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