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Our passion and experience in social impact and disability

Bendelta is a strategic consulting firm focusing on leading positive change on complex issues that affect an entire sector or society as a whole. We bring diverse people and organisations together who are united around making the world a better place, with each of us having unique views on the problems or priorities.

Examples of our work includes reform work in domains such as vulnerable communities, child protection and Indigenous affairs (some of which are highlighted below). Our experience in this area also extends to entire business sectors such as resources, medical technologies and sports. This work has involved a wide range of organisations and made a difference in many individuals including clients, families, service providers and community members.

At the heart of this is our understanding that solving complex problems requires more than just technical expertise. It also means bringing people together around shared a purpose, valuing all views and creating pathways to change that help us understand what the change needs to be and how we will get there.

Learn more about some of our work in disability, social impact, human-centred design and our technical expertise in fields such as capability modelling, workforce development, and change management.

Our team

Anthony Mitchell
Co-founder and Chief Potential Officer
Natalie Ferres
Director and Chief Connection Officer
Natalie is a Bendelta Director and Chief Connection Officer.
Dr Melisah Feeney
Principal Consultant
Melisah is a Senior Manager with wide-ranging experience developing individuals, teams and organisational systems to improve capability and performance.
Michelle Lin
Senior Manager
Michelle is a Senior Manager specialising in executive coaching, strategy research and market analysis.
Libby Golland
Senior Manager
Libby is a Senior Manager and an organisational development professional with more than 11 years’ experience in government and not-for-profit sectors.
Emma Kelly
Project Manager
Tracey Keene
Associate Consultant
Tracey is an Associate Consultant specialising in executive coaching, organisational development, learning design and facilitation, women’s professional development, and career management.
Matthew Hull
Head of Insights and Analytics
Matthew is the Head of Analytics and Insights. He has a passion for exploring the opportunities that disruptive technologies offer practitioners in adult learning, and positions technology as a key enabler of humanistic development, critical analysis and strategic synthesis.
Nina Dejmanee
Associate Consultant
Nina Dejmanee is an Associate Consultant, specialising in organisational development and the application of workforce intelligence to drive alignment between organisational strategy and performance.
Lucy Hutchens
Senior Manager
Anjanie Bhagat
Georgina Giltrap
Senior Consultant
Kareem Soliman
Support Consultant
Millie Cavicchi
Support Consultant
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