Our Team

Diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents allow us to bring a variety of creative perspectives to meet organisational challenges.

Anthony Mitchell
Co-founder and Chief Potential Officer
Natalie Micarone (Archer)
Co-founder and Director
Natalie is a Director and co-founder of Bendelta.
Natalie Ferres
Director and Chief Connection Officer
Natalie is a Bendelta Director and Chief Connection Officer.
 Richard Wilson
Director and Head of Melbourne
Richard is a Director and Head of Melbourne, with a background in leadership development, strategy and transformation. With areas of related expertise in the human capital and management consulting arena, Richard has focused on assisting clients to build solutions that integrate business goals with sustainable people development.
Richard Doolan
Head of Canberra
Richard is a Principal Consultant and Head of Canberra. He specialises in managing and delivering programs to build leadership and enhance individual and organisational capability and performance.
Jan Bowe
Head of Brisbane
Jan Bowe is a Principal Consultant and Head of Brisbane. She is a specialist in both strategy and organisation design. Jan’s expertise lies in both strategy analysis, formulation and facilitation.
Janine Daniels
Head of Executive Coaching
Janine is a Principal Consultant and Head of Executive Coaching. Janine’s expertise lies in integrating neuroscience with deep transformation.
Matthew Hull
Head of Insights and Analytics
Matthew is the Head of Analytics and Insights. He has a passion for exploring the opportunities that disruptive technologies offer practitioners in adult learning, and positions technology as a key enabler of humanistic development, critical analysis and strategic synthesis.
Mia Levy
Principal Consultant
Mia is a Principal Consultant specialising in the area of people development. She has developed and delivered programs with a variety of focus areas including; leadership, client engagement, coaching and mentoring.
Johanne Solanet
Principal Consultant
Johanne Solanet is a Principal Consultant and Executive Coach. As a transformation expert, she drives performance improvements across the value chain and embeds cultural and organisational changes.
Ivan Choi
Principal Consultant
Ivan is a Principal Consultant and our Innovation practice lead. An accomplished executive adviser in strategy, innovation and organisational design, Ivan is adept at partnering with clients across a multitude of industries to drive enterprise transformation, unleash growth potential and deliver profound value propositions and social impact.
Marnie Cruickshanks
Principal Consultant
Marnie is a Principal Consultant based in Brisbane and has worked in the change-focused learning and organisational development environment for the past 16 years.
Catherine Ranken
Principal Consultant
Catherine is a Principal Consultant. Her expertise lies in helping organisations plan and deliver strategic and cultural initiatives to drive businesses forward.
David Schofield
Principal Consultant
David is a Principal Consultant, specialising in the design, development, and delivery of capability-enhancing programs for professionals.
Justina Stromnes
Principal Consultant
Justina is a Principal Consultant and a corporate psychologist.
Dr Melisah Feeney
Principal Consultant
Melisah is a Senior Manager with wide-ranging experience developing individuals, teams and organisational systems to improve capability and performance.
Ali Noble
Principal Consultant
Ali is a Principal Consultant specialising in managing and delivering programs to build self-insight and enhance individual and organisational capability and performance
Dr Lisa Gulick
Principal Consultant
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