Ali Davies

Ali is a Manager with a broad and diverse background and experience. As a qualified Chartered Accountant and Level 1 executive coach, Ali uses her structured and analytical way of thinking combined with a natural affinity and understanding of people to help others reach their potential.

Throughout her career, Ali has formed part of various leadership teams, and has worked with a range of executives and led her own teams, primarily within the banking sector. She has international work experience spanning South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and as a result, has a working insight into multiple cultures and organisations.

Ali is passionate about helping others to reach their potential, and particularly enjoys facilitating groups and coaching individuals to help them make tangible shifts.

Ali has helped design a range of large, high impact leadership programs, and has business and executive coaching experience. Ali is a quick learner, a warm person, and truly cares about her clients.


“Ali- Aspiring beam of light”


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