Senior Consultant

Amish Haria

Amish focuses on helping organisations solve complex business and financial challenges using analytics, data and technology. He possesses both a commercial and analytical mindset and is a Senior Consultant within Bendelta’s Insights and Analytics team.

Amish has experience in working with both public and private sectors within Asia-Pacific and Europe and has developed a portfolio of skills within the Banking & Financial Services, Government, Marketing, Mining & Resources, Legal and Academic sectors. Some of his previous engagements involved data analytics, forecasting, advisory on financial data, asset and equity valuations, risk assessment, financial forensics, data governance and business development.

He is also passionate about the data driven future industry is embarking on with the utilisation of technology. He believes big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence will help society and businesses make better decisions when analysing quantitative and qualitative data.

Amish has completed his Bachelor of Finance, majoring in Quantitative, Corporate & Investment Finance at the Australian National University. Additionally, he has completed his Master of Applied Finance at Macquarie University. He has also assisted in lecturing international tax law at the University of Sydney

“Amish is a huge foodie and loves to travel the world meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Ask him about his last trip!”


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