Anjanie Bhagat

Anjanie works with organisations to better understand the capability, potential and development needs of their people, as well as gain deeper insight into the roles, teams and culture their people live within. She has expertise in organisational development, leadership development and assessment, and has worked with clients from the private, public and not for profit sectors across Australia and parts of Asia.

  • Built various custom success profiles for an organisation wide leadership capability framework. She developed a learning map which outlined corresponding development pathways across an agency of NSW Ministry of Health, covering all critical leadership levels/configurations across divisions (approx. 16 in total).
  • Provided transformation program management and change advisory support to a NSW/ACT based disability services provider including rethinking how services are physically provided to clients, redesigning team structure to support, and Executive team reporting.
  • Designed, built and rolled out a leadership capability framework for one of Australia’s largest banks, tiered into their four major leadership levels. The roll out included partnering with learning and development to empower individual leaders to self-assess their capability, and create their own learning journeys from available resources.
  • Project managed 20 teams across Corporate Services at a large NSW community services not for profit to define their services through co-creation of a service architecture, catalogue and series of delivery maps. Involved significant stakeholder management across multiple offices, a keen focus on key milestone delivery and interdependencies, as well as a human-centred design lens to bring the organisation’s frontline needs into the design and definition process.
  • Worked as a school holiday respite care support worker for primary and secondary school aged children with mental and/or physical disability. Included play and engagement, feeding, hygiene and social support.
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