Co-founder and Chief Potential Officer

Anthony Mitchell

Anthony Mitchell is the co-founder and Chief Potential Officer of Bendelta. He is an internationally recognised thought leader in strategic leadership. He has been advising companies internationally for the last 25 years, working across more than 30 countries on five continents. He advises clients ranging from leading multi-nationals and listed companies to major government agencies and not-for-profits.

Anthony has significant experience helping people solve complex problems. He is particularly focused on driving positive change at the sector or industry level, which has led him to contribute substantially to disability, homelessness, justice, child protection, immigration, defence and aging.

The art and science of strategic leadership is what has driven Anthony to where he is today. As Dux of both his Mathematics and Psychology, and with postgraduate business qualifications from Cornell University (New York), Anthony has a unique mix of expertise across typically separate ways of thinking.

Current and recent appointments:

  • Chairman and Director of Bendelta Pty Ltd
  • Chairman of the Aurora Education Foundation, which has achieved outstanding breakthroughs in Aboriginal persons achieving post-graduate qualifications from Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard
  • Chairman and National President of Amnesty International Australia from 2011-2016 and current member of the 2020 Council (chaired globally by Sir Richard Branson)

“Anthony just really loves a Mathematics metaphor”

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