Senior Manager

Attiyya Malik

Attiyya is a Senior Manager and Executive Coach at Bendelta, with experience across UK, EMEA and APAC in leadership, organisational development, and culture change.

Attiyya creates and holds space for deep connection, creativity and learning where individuals, groups and communities make sense of the complexity around them, reframe challenges into opportunities and take purposeful actions that drive sustainable performance.

Attiyya is guided by three core values; courage, curiosity and growth, and weaves together a strength-based approach with a developmental and systems lens to help individuals and organisations build leadership capability. She is known among her clients for designing immersive and experiential experiences that combine pragmatism and loss with optimism and play.

When working with individuals and groups Attiyya has a calm, clear presence and focus. She is highly empathetic and naturally intuitive in style. She is particularly alive to the language people use both for themselves and others and the dynamics that play out in groups such as power, rank and status. This allows her to help individuals and groups recognise patterns, assumptions and limiting beliefs and in doing so helping them see the choices available to them to think, act and engage differently.

Attiyya has a Masters in Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management, a Bachelor of Science from the London School of Economics and is certified in a range of diagnostic tools.

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