Caitlin Gleeson

Caitlin is a manager, coach and facilitator who specialises in the domains of organisational psychology, culture and leadership development, and behavioural change. She combines a training in psychology with a deep expertise in consulting and facilitation to design and deliver transformative learning experiences of lasting impact. Caitlin offers a depth of experience leading, designing and implementing a range of high-impact capability development programs for leaders at all levels across some of Australian’s largest organisations. She consults with organisation leaders on a wide range of areas including self-awareness, change leadership, people management, organisational development. motivation & engagement, and culture change.

Caitlin leverages a deep subject matter expertise in the domains of emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing to empower individuals, teams, and organisations to unlock their peak potential. She is passionate about motivating individuals to discover how their own unique psychology drives the strategies they need to employ to achieve peak performance, and integrates the latest insights from the domains of psychology and behavioural science to embed these learnings for sustainable change.

Caitlin has a proven track record leading and implementing organisation wide transformation projects, and thrives on the ability to drive change and growth within complex and challenging environments. She has consulted extensively for the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors across a wide range of industries including financial services, media, professional services, education, health, transport, pharmaceuticals, and defence.



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