Principal Consultant

Catherine Ranken

Catherine is a Principal Consultant. Her expertise lies in helping individuals, teams and organisations plan and deliver strategic and cultural initiatives to drive their businesses forward. Catherine combines her knowledge and skills in strategy development and execution with her experience in behavioural change to build capacity within organisations to deliver business results which are closely aligned to strategy, create real impact and are operationally pragmatic.

Catherine has worked with senior leaders across public and private sector organisations in Australasia, North America and the UK. She has particular expertise in team facilitation as well as team and group coaching and one-on-one executive coaching. Prior to Bendelta, Catherine worked as a Director for a leading investment bank holding various leadership roles across a variety of significant strategic change initiatives.

Catherine holds a BA Hons (first) from Melbourne University and a MBA from Macquarie University. Catherine has also trained as an Executive Coach and is President of a Board of a not-for-profit organisation in the early learning and disability sector.

“Creative, caring, compassionate Cath”

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