Research and Evaluation Manager

Dr Mavi Glinoga

Mavi is Research and Evaluation Manager. She values generosity in skills-sharing to promote continuous growth in individuals and organisations. Mavi holds the conviction that people are the organisation’s ultimate marketing instrument, sustaining cultural values that result in stronger brand image. She completed her PhD in Marketing from Monash University, focused on optimising employee engagement, self-efficacy and transparency.

In the last 10 years, Mavi has developed her versatility and skills ambidexterity having worked on multiple stakeholder projects as a research analyst and account manager. She has worked across all government levels in Australia, as well as the APAC region. Some of her projects include transport, water management, tourism, education, environmental sustainability, gambling and telecommunications. As a consumer researcher, Mavi has been responsible for providing strategic insights in the FMCG, QSRs, telecommunications and banking sectors to strengthen brand and market positioning for better organisational outcomes. Mavi is also an educator having held an academic position in two top Australian universities that are within the Group of 8.

“Mavi loves watching tennis. She is a devout Djokovic fan.”