Senior Consultant

Kelly Palmer

Kelly is a Senior Consultant working across strategy, leadership and organisational development for a range of projects in both the public and private sector. Kelly is passionate about utilising the powerful principles of positive psychology to develop and build a resilient workforce. Previously, Kelly worked in healthcare to conduct research around the design and delivery of engagement and well-being programs as well as evidence-based techniques for measuring and tracking the impact of well-being strategies on individual and team outcomes. Through her work with a not-for-profit organisation, Kelly has supported employees within the human services sector to develop tailored self-help resources.

Kelly has completed a Bachelor of Psychology and has recently completed her Masters in Organisational Psychology at Macquarie University. Currently Kelly is a registered provisional psychologist with AHPRA who is eligible for full registration as a psychologist and is commencing the Organisational Psychology registrar program this year.

“KP is infectiously enthusiastic and an enthralling storyteller”