Associate Consultant

Kyle Turner

Kyle is a Associate Consultant, having completed his PhD at the University of Oxford and acts as the Junior Dean, St Peter’s College, University of Oxford providing coaching and peer support. He was the Aust. Govt. recipient for the Charlie Perkins Memorial Scholarship, the Jesus College Graduate Scholar (awarded to Top 4 students) and winner of 12 previous scholarships/ awards (e.g. BHF, European Union).

Kyle has exceptional skills in communication, research, writing, critical thinking, stakeholder engagement, and leadership. He is passionate about Health and Education and some of his most recent achievements include:

  • Start-up business developer. Building a company – Fungry – which aims to improve the quality of takeaway food available in Oxford.
  • Head of Policy & Strategy Young Professionals-Chronic Disease Network, Harvard University.
  • Represented the Young Professionals-Chronic Disease Network at the 2014 World Health Assembly in Geneva and organised the 3rd Annual Food Security Forum.
  • Project Lead for the Centre for Research Excellence in Policy Research on Obesity and Food Systems (leading complex systems workshops for multiple Local Government Area leaders in Victoria).
  • Lead epidemiologist, Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital at an outreach ear/ eye health clinic to Indigenous Australian children living in remote Queensland, for three years.
  • A keen AFL player, touch football, runner and traveller.

“Kyle – a true enigma”