Performance Analyst

Liam Gooley

Liam is a performance analyst with qualifications in psychology. Liam has a background working in professional sports, where he transferred analytic insights into meaningful data aimed at influencing learning, motivation and decision-making. Working in professional sports, Liam, designed analytic frameworks that included 360° ‘blended’ performance reviews, competition benchmarking and trend identification, and performance modelling to align different facets of the business; developed and facilitated player goal setting program; and created a blended method of performance reward and recognition to increase player engagement and drive cultural standards.

He has recently undertaken a Masters of Organisational Psychology, with a focus on growth oriented environments, leadership, engagement and resilience. As a performance analyst that uses a psychological framework to approach and solve problems, Liam has a unique perspective on the factors that inhibit or foster success.

Outside of work, Liam has passion for learning about, and being involved with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. In 2017 Liam worked as a Volunteer Teacher’s Aide at a Primary School in an Aboriginal community in West Queensland for 3 months. Liam assisted the children with reading, writing, science and maths, and ran sports coaching clinics at lunchtime and during after-school hours.

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