Director and Chief Connection Officer

Natalie Ferres

Natalie is a director of Bendelta and practice expert in leadership, learning and development, as well as an accomplished educator and researcher. She has worked on numerous government, disability, aging and not for profit projects and specialises in quality control, research methods, developing capability frameworks and providing expert advice.

  • Developed an SES career planning framework, development of a learning and evaluation framework and toolkit and development of Training Needs Analysis guide, creation of a skills matrix and vocational recruitment profiles.
  • Worked as the project director and lead for the ADHC Core Skills development priorities.
  • Worked as a technical advisor in the development of a Vocational Competency Model covering all professional streams for the general insurance industry and used to underpin professional development with the industry.
  • Designed over a dozen competency frameworks including Allens; Urbis; Caltex; Department of Justice Victoria, Community Services, etc.
  • Led the design and validation of over 40 assessment tools, including the globally used Workforce Trust Scale, bespoke 360s, individual assessment tools, the Working with Change Scale (used across the APS within a core skills program).
  • Authored numerous journal papers for academic research in workforce management issues, capability assessment and learning and development planning.
  • Worked as the project director and lead for various Workforce Planning initiatives for the National Library of Australia over 7 years.
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