Director and Chief Connection Officer

Natalie Ferres

Natalie is a Bendelta Director and Chief Connection Officer. She is a practice area expert in Leadership Development, as well as an accomplished educator and researcher. With a background as a business psychologist and MBA lecturer in Australia and Asia (for 11 years), Natalie has undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD qualifications in psychology.

Natalie’s doctoral thesis (on Leadership) was selected for a Special Commendation from each examiner, signifying its outstanding contribution to scholarly discourse.

As one of Australia’s leading authorities in leadership, she provides insights from organisational life to enhance others’ ability to align and adapt to their complex, changing environments. In addition to leading some of Australia’s larger high-impact leadership and organisational development initiatives across a variety of industries, Natalie also coaches a number of senior executives, including C-suite leaders and Board members.

Natalie has an interest and strong understanding of helping people through research, stakeholder engagement, capability framework development, workforce planning and quality control. She has extensive experience working with the government, education, disability, aging and health sectors.

Natalie has also delivered keynotes across five continents, is the author of the internationally applied Workplace Trust Scale (WTS) and co-author of the book, ‘People Development: An inside view’.

“Ferres is the most empathetic person at Bendelta and also the first person to laugh if someone falls off their chair.””

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