Support Consultant

Raisa Islam

Raisa Islam is a Support Consultant. She is passionate about research and has accumulated vast experience in social and health psychology. She has a strong background in data analytics and experimental research, but also thrives in projects that focus on cultivating innovation, efficiency, and productivity in high-stakes work and academic environments.

Prior to Bendelta, Raisa has been involved in research labs that examined the link between an individual’s emotions and group dynamics, designing projects and identifying patterns in data. With an incredibly diverse skill set, Raisa has also worked as an ABA Therapist, Arc UNSW Wellness Leader and headed the publicity team at Arc UNSW HereToHear Crisis Helpline. With a commitment to personal development and the enhancement of psychological wellbeing, Raisa’s career has centred around ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

On her path to becoming a social psychologist, Raisa is working towards completing her Bachelors in Psychology (Honours) at UNSW.

“Raisa admires the rich interconnections between humans, their emotions, and their environment, and is equally in awe of the underlying science and processes”