Director and Head of Melbourne

 Richard Wilson

Richard is a Director, Strategic Planning Facilitator and Head of Melbourne, with a background in leadership development, strategy and transformation. With areas of related expertise in the human capital and management consulting arena, Richard has focused on assisting clients to build solutions that integrate business goals with sustainable people development.

As a Strategic Planning Facilitator, Richard brings diverse entrepreneurial and business experience to Bendelta, having managed professional service firms from start up to establishment. Before joining Bendelta, he was a Director at the Centre for Applied Leadership Excellence, where he served on the Board, and also spent time in a large management consulting firm. His sector experience includes professional services, energy and resources-based companies, financial services, information technology, pharmaceutical and non-profit organisations.

Focusing on the interplay between business strategy and demonstrated leadership, Richard has worked as a Strategic Planning Facilitator with senior leaders as advisor, coach and consultant for organisations in Australia, South Africa, the UK and the Middle East. Richard has increasingly sought to link working at the behavioural level with strategic drivers in an organisation. Today’s organisational leaders develop adaptive capacity through harvesting learning from experience. Approaches that recognise this, and also link leader development with business and organisation goals, are more likely to stick. Change is then further embedded through innovative approaches to performance and learning.

From an expertise and interest perspective, Richard has developed innovative IP, including approaches for leaders to manage transitions through their life stages, strategic change leadership models and frameworks for building high performance organisations. Richard also works to understand current trends and driving forces in their environment and set strategic agendas for the organisation to translate and focus efforts around.

With an undergraduate degree in Commerce (WITS University) and a Masters in Organisational Leadership (Regent University, USA) with a major concentration on Leadership Coaching, Richard also contributed to the CALE Leadership Handbook (2009), alongside notable international scholars in the field of Leadership.

“Rich is the brilliant head (and hair) of Melbourne”