Sucheta Gorolay

Sucheta is a Manager and Organisational Psychologist, working across strategy, leadership and organisational development. Prior to Bendelta, Sucheta has worked as an organisational development consultant, leading the development and implementation of the inclusion and diversity strategy for a top-tier legal and professional services firm in Australia. She also has experience in various external management consulting roles in areas related to leadership assessment, leadership development, Board assessment, executive team alignment and culture shaping.

Underpinning everything Sucheta does is an intense passion and curiosity to understand why people behave the way they do and empowering others, be it individuals, teams or organisations, to unpack this for themselves and achieve their own definition of success. She particularly fascinated by the intersection between psychology, leadership and sport – specifically, the synergies between the corporate environment, the sporting industry and the psychology that underpins both.

Sucheta holds a Masters in Psychology (Organisational) from the University of New South Wales and is certified in the administration and interpretation of a range of psychometric assessments. Outside of work, you can usually find her outdoors, playing or watching sport and providing probono services to progress gender equality globally through sports.

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