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The single greatest predictor of performance is the extent to which organisations unlock and combine the potential of their people.

Over 15 years, Bendelta has invested one million hours into the development of Potentiology™, the science and art of realising human potential.

The result is a calculus for driving performance in the cyber-physical age, by unlocking human potential at the individual and organisational level.

In the last three years, this has been further accelerated and intensified, bringing together critical methodological foundations. Designed to become a new field of learning science, Potentiology™ steers organisations, readying for the emerging business world, to address:

  • Which capabilities are likely to be most important to develop?
  • How can potential be realised most effectively within an organisational context?

Potentiology™ is the first authoritative guide to turning human potential into business performance in the cyber-physical age. For the average organisation, it enables a 30% uplift in realisation of people’s potential compared to current enterprise practices. The reality is that the impact can be much higher: it can be the difference between leap-frogging the sector and becoming irrelevant.

human potential

The science and art of realising human potential


Applied in the context of organisations

Delivered at an individual and collective level

Delivered at an individual and collective level

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