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Our Thought Leadership

The role of leader as constant gardener
Those living in poverty, unable to gain the miniscule capital they needed to escape from servitude were
New frontiers in measuring human potential
How one small step towards the scientific approach leads to a giant leap in measuring and realising human potential.
Don’t change your behaviour. Change your brain
A new science-based paradigm in performance coaching
The six building blocks for future culture
This article sets out the context for culture change and explicates the methods we believe are imperative to achieving transformational change.
The role of human potential in creating exponential organisations
We live in a world where the likes of Uber, Facebook, Alibaba and Airbnb can become a dominant player in the industry overnight
Moving the dial on employee engagement
This white paper sets out Bendelta’s key findings regarding employee engagement and explains how any organisation may apply these to increase their confidence that they can move the dial.
A new dawn in leadership capability development
This paper explains the four foundations of an Human Potential Organisation and how companies can establish these foundations to unleash and combine human potential.
The fundamentals of leadership resilience
We focus on how to master the fundamentals of resilience, agility and psychological flexibility in this article using the Bendelta framework to boost your overall resilience.
Getting outside
Here we focus on nature In particular the four key areas where nature can help to unlock our potential – Attention/Focus; Engagement; Creativity and Social Learning.
Leading in complex environments
As the 21st century context calls for leaders who truly understand how to work with complex problems we show you how to successful lead in complex environments