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Our Why

1M1B – Our 1 Million 1 Billion Vision

Our vision at Bendelta is to directly enable 1 million people to achieve more of their potential, and through cascading impact, to then indirectly transform the lives of 1 billion people.

Making a difference

It is our aim at Bendelta to leverage our capabilities to deliver positive large-scale impact to the broader community, aligned to our vision of 1M1B. To this effect, we provide our services to not-for-profit client organisations and government agencies at reduced fee rates, contribute our time pro bono to various social initiatives, and sit on boards of influential actors of social change worldwide.

Our priorities in this area include the following:

  • Empowerment of individuals and communities
  • Collaborative approach to supporting local initiatives
  • Awareness building across local and global priority issues
  • Learning through experience

We ensure that these priorities are incorporated into our work and way of operation as a team both internally and when partnering with key players in the community.

We are also proud to have partnered with a range of public and private sector organisations to drive long term organisational improvements which also aim to have a positive impact on the community.

We deeply care about helping people, especially vulnerable people and communities. Below are some examples of our work in this space:

  • Government and health
    • Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), ACS NSW, NSW Health, DHS Victoria, NSW Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, NSW Department of Education, Randwick City Council, Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), MedTech, Pharma, ONCALL, Children’s Cancer Institute, Transport for NSW and Sunshine Coast Council.
  • Disability and Aged Care
    • National Disability Services (NDS) VIC, Fairhaven, CoAct
  • Non-government organisations
    • House With No Steps, Uniting

Volunteering with Fairhaven’s Point Clare facility

We are also proud to have a positive impact on the community through our volunteer work

Our Principles

Only smart people making smart decisions.

This is why we do everything – to improve the human state of the world. This is at the individual, organisational and societal levels.

Results do not just mean money. All outcomes matter: happy clients, quality work, ethical resolutions.

We always try our best. We always finish with a clear conscience that we have done the best of which we were capable in the situation.

We aim for transformation.
We aim for scale.
We aim for innovation.
We believe in possibility.

Team members are here to help each other.
We collaborate with each other. We do not compete with each other.
There is no place here for politics, gossip or misanthropy.

We do not discriminate on any superficial characteristics. We instead focus on the unique attributes of each person and value the diversity of different strengths and perspectives. Age, gender, race, and any other non-performance characteristic is irrelevant…except when funny.

We take work seriously, not solemnly.
We respect individuals, but we also are willing to laugh. Especially at ourselves.

We aim to make Bendelta what we are trying to create for clients. We will collectively design Bendelta to be both a 10/10 on impact and a 10/10 on enjoyment, in a way that redefines the ‘workplace’.

Our view of sustainability

Sustinere is our internal sustainability program, at its heart is:

  • Sustainability and wellbeing for our people (team)
  • Engagement for the betterment of our community (including clients)
  • Responsible living in our environment

Our goal is to pursue and sustain sustainable mindsets, practices and partnerships

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