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Potentiology™ at the Developmental Level

Potentiology at the Developmental Level

Using the science of Potentiology™, Bendelta ensures your approach to development seizes the performance impact of human potential.

How do we do this? We combine the most effective development practices from elite performance fields – practices almost non-existent in the business world- with our deep insight into adult learning and behaviour change.

To maximise the value of the investment, our pioneering approach integrates the most powerful drivers of sustained capability development to:

  • Ensure you focus on the right capabilities for your organisation’s performance

  • Create the development pathways that lead to world-class capability levels

  • Gain the benefits of using objective data and new technologies in the development process

  • Ensure the capability uplift is translated into real-life application and superior business performance

  • Sustain the capability uplift over the long term

  • Prove the impact of the program and further increase its effectiveness

The result is a double-digit capability uplift for entire cohorts of executives. The impact this can have on business performance is phenomenal.

The domains in which we are transforming development through Potentiology™ include:

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