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Potentiology™ at the Organisational Level

Potentiology at the Organisational Level

Bendelta enables organisations to re-design themselves around the twin drivers of the cyber-physical age:

Harnessing exponential technologies and realising human potential.

We transform the organisation’s capacity to obtain a competitive advantage and establish a true culture of innovation.

Our organisational architecture services are based on an explicit and primary aim of optimising the human contribution to business performance. They are underpinned by the science of Potentiology™ to:

  • Change the fundamental model of the business from industrial age to cyber-physical age
  • Create the environment for world-class performance by optimising the five key drivers for peak motivation
  • Foster collaboration to achieve the exponential effect of people combining their own potential with those of others
  • Embed development and growth drivers in business-as-usual activities so that every contributor is getting closer to their full potential every working day
  • Remove the barriers that are causing talented people to under-reach their potential
  • Resolve conflicting priorities, incentives and communications regarding the role of human potential in the organisation’s success

By implementing these changes, you could gain a 30% increase in business performance impact through realisation of human potential which most organisations are missing out on. The result is an organisation with the levels of customer focus, engagement, collaboration and agility to outperform competitors in the cyber-physical age.

To make this a reality in your organisation, Bendelta offers solutions for:

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