Redesigning organisations and leaders for the cyber-physical age

Wednesday 8th November – Redesigning organisations and leaders for the cyber-physical age

This very exciting event provides:

  • An integrated immersion in the intersection of technology, commerce, organisation, leadership and humanity of our future, featuring a stellar global faculty.
  • A revelatory experience of keynotes, panels, interactive workshops and hands-on access to emerging tools and practices

To shed important light on the impact of the cyber-physical age on business, the world of work, organisations and leaders, we have assembled a stellar faculty from around the world (plus Bendelta’s own thought leaders, including:

  • Tyrone Pitsis Professor of Strategy and Organisation Studies, Leeds University. Tyrone is one of the world’s most prescient thinkers on the future of organisations, especially in terms of co-creative innovation. He will share case studies of ground-breaking organisational design in Europe and the US.
  • Aleksandra Przegalinska AI pioneer, MIT Sloan, Massachusetts. Aleksandra will share her work at the latest frontiers of wearable technologies, cognitive science and human-computer interaction
  • Patrycja Slawuta Founder, Self-Hackathon, New York. Patrycja has gained global attention for her application of technology to enabling individuals to ‘self-hack their brains’ and achieve more of their full potential
  • Kaila Colbin Singularity University Ambassador. Silicon Valley think tank Singularity University has become the standard setter for modelling the impact of exponential technologies on our future. Kaila is one of Singularity’s most compelling speakers and will close this event with a compelling picture of what lies ahead and how best to prepare
  • Jordan Nguyen. Jordan is a world-renowned biomedical engineer and inventor, famous for creating a mind-controlled wheelchair and frequently seen on Australian television.
  • Many more thought leaders, CEOs and senior executives who you’ll find on the invitation

There are full day and half day options for attendance, and early bird discounts for early registration.

To learn more about this event and to register please click here
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