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We develop potential in organisations, teams and individuals.

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A strategy is only as good as the organisational design that supports it. Reconsider outdated structures and systems to a design that fosters human potential and performance in the cyber-physical age. We guide this process from conceptualisation to execution.

Innovate, revitalise or transform your culture to achieve your highest-order goals as an organisation or team.

Build capability blueprints to align supporting people systems to work together. Define the capabilities that will frame success. Design your roles and workforces for impact.

Whether restructuring or transforming attitudes, moving hearts and minds requires a deep understanding of behaviour change principles at both theoretical and practical levels. Bendelta assists leaders inspire and engage others in transformative change.  We help to structure change to ensure it is rolled out effectively with clear milestones, measures and accountability.

Measure and improve the level of engagement in your organisation. Bendelta’s approach blends a deep application of robust data insights with the psychology of motivation and change.

Improving outcomes (whether of development programs or business activities) depends on robust performance information and a commitment to learn from evidence. Leading organisations are realising this and taking advantage of the massive value that effective evaluation can bring. Bendelta’s pioneering approach enables organisations to understand and improve performance through contemporary, flexible and scientific evaluation methods.

Capacity: Develop resilience and access purpose to achieve in challenging conditions.

Connectedness: Use the power of empathy to lead individuals and teams, and enhance customer experience.

Creativity: Think non-linearly to generate new ideas and deliver innovation.

Collaboration: Fuse the power of multiple people and perspectives to produce exponential outcomes.

Choice: Apply scientific methods and behavioural insights for high-quality decisions.

Change agility: Identify inflection points, then adapt and swiftly execute.

We develop group programs by level, role or experience to build leadership strength. Programs are infused with our ‘Potentiology’ science-backed methods.

The future performance of your business is informed by the identification and development of high-potential leaders. We assist clients to accurately assess potential and facilitate leaders’ realisation of their best-fit career pathway.

High potentials need accelerated development in the capability areas of greatest strategic value to the organisation. Bendelta designs programs that fast-track leaders’ growth through high intensity immersions and hands-on exposure to the organisation’s strategic imperatives.

More than ever, leadership development needs to be cohesive, with connected interventions at each stage of the leadership pipeline (from first-line manager to C-suite). Bendelta devises bespoke pipeline programs of up to six levels, so that the development process is both strategically aligned overall and tailored to the transitional needs at each level of leadership.

The key to adult development is self-awareness and the key to self-awareness is robust, credible information from objective or multi-perspective sources. Bendelta conducts vast numbers of 360-degree surveys and other assessments, including via our own proprietary tools, as well as bespoke assessments and existing psychometrics. We have the tools, methodologies and experience to ensure that you have the most accurate picture of your executives’ capabilities and behaviours, which in turn assists them to drive their professional development.

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