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Our passion and experience in social impact and disability

Our vision at Bendelta is to enable 1 million people to achieve more of their potential, and through cascading impact, to then indirectly transform the lives of 1 billion people. This vision is at the heart of everything we do.

We are focused on helping people, and ultimately, in making a positive social impact in Australia and around the world. Below you will find more information about the project we’re most excited about today in social impact and disability: The NDIS Workforce Capability Framework.
You will also learn more about how you can get involved.

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The project we’re most excited about today in social impact and disability: The NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The purpose of the project is to develop a NDIS Workforce Capability Framework (Framework). This Framework will translate the NDIS Commission’s Principles, Code of Conduct and Practice Standards into observable behaviours. The behaviours will be relevant to everyone involved in delivering services and supports to NDIS participants.

This project is about improving the NDIS services and supports at the service delivery point. The framework will help to ensure that NDIS participants experience consistent, quality service experience, no matter who they interact with.

This project will also include planning supporting tools for implementation, including a change management and implementation plan, a monitoring and evaluation strategy for the framework, exploration of potential accreditation pathways for specified supports, and a training and development strategy. Together, these elements comprise Stage 1 of the NDIS Workforce Development Framework. Stage 2 will focus on the implementation of the Framework, including the development of supporting tools. Stage 2 is due to commence in late 2020.

There will be ongoing consultations with stakeholders throughout the duration of the project between now and April 2020. This project is an initiative of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, funded by the Department of Social Services through the NDIS Jobs and Market Fund.

The Framework is expected to:

• Improve overall quality and effectiveness of the delivery of NDIS services and supports for better outcomes for NDIS participants
• Shape the design of professional development and learning for workers delivering NDIS services and supports
• Provide clearer and improved career planning pathways for people delivering NDIS services and supports
• Promote enhanced professional and management practice
• Provide a sound basis for recruitment, induction, performance development and career planning for the NDIS workforce

There will be ongoing consultations with stakeholders throughout the duration of the project between now and April 2020.

How you can get involved

The NDIS workforce capability framework will be developed with the NDIS participant at the centre.
A range of stakeholders will be involved in different ways. See below for the ways you can get involved.

Surveys. All stakeholders – March 2020. We want to hear from as many people as possible about a range of topics. Your voice will inform all aspects of the project. We’ll be spreading the word though various channels in our network. We’ll also include links to participate on the Engagement HQ platform.

Interviews. All stakeholders – January 2020 – March 2020. We are working in partnership with peak bodies and service providers to gather a range of voices to represent the key challenges and opportunities in the sector. We are targeting interviews of approximately 150 persons, including service providers, the workforce, sector experts and researchers, education and training providers, peak bodies and most importantly people with disability, their carers and families.

Online insights portal. All stakeholders – December 2019 onwards. We will be using Engagement HQ as an online collaborative platform that allows anyone interested to view themes emerging during the design of the framework, as well as share personal insights and stories.

Side by Side. NDIS Participants – February 2020. Side by Side is about observing how NDIS participants experience services and interactions with service providers and workers. By being Side by Side, we aim to understand more about the lived experience of NDIS participants and what good service looks like, from their perspective. We’ll be working in partnership with NDIS participant peak bodies to invite people to be involved. At this stage, we are looking for 30 participants across Australia, but we also will be holding interviews with interested participants along the way.

Empathy Labs. Workforce and service providers – March 2020. These are interactive sessions held in each capital city which will include peak agencies, service providers and workers. It’s a chance to explore pivotal service moments and the role of capability in the experience. We’re working in partnership with service providers and peak bodies to identify the right mix of people to be involved. At this stage, we are estimating that we will need up to 25 individuals for each Lab.

Consultations are planned to commence in December, we welcome your participation in this critical project.

Please contact Emma Kelly from Bendelta at or call 02 9232 3401.

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