Strategy fits along a spectrum of views you can take of an organisation. It’s less tangible than a task yet more concrete than a philosophy. It is the artful method of enacting your architecture and lifting potential.

So, who is best placed to build a strategy? Is it the most senior executives, the do-ers in the organisation, or middle management?

Sometimes designing strategy is less about the final output and more about what you put into it. Strategy facilitation helps unite all stakeholders through collaborating on a common vision. For this reason, it can be helpful to get a breadth of views from your stakeholders; the opinions from various levels, and the skills of the range of functions. Strategy facilitation involves bringing a neutral perspective from outside of your organisation to provide increased inspiration and safety when forming your business’ unique path to success. You’ll find that this leads to building a more thoughtfully constructed and richly informed strategy. The strategy facilitation process involves stakeholders that will be affected by its outcome, so it inherently prioritises risks and roadblocks; provides a greater sense of ownership; and creates more chance of it being ‘sticky’ enough to be realised.

Strategic facilitation is an important tool to have available. Getting people together and using different perspectives and areas of expertise as the building blocks of a strategy requires delicate questioning and sensible sequencing. At Bendelta, our strategy facilitation sessions have evolved from our experiences in creating the types of interactions that combine detail and dreaming, and pave the way for potent strategies to be designed.

Contact our highly-qualified Strategy team to learn about how our strategy facilitation sessions can make a positive impact on your business and help you achieve your objectives. Our strategy planning facilitators are more than willing to discuss what our bespoke strategy sessions might look like for your business. We deliver strategy facilitation across Australia -Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

Case Studies

Case Studies

Developing a 10 year strategic plan for a sector identified as a significant profit pool for Australia

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Meet some of our strategy consultants

Natalie Micarone (Archer)
Co-founder and Director
Natalie is a Director and co-founder of Bendelta.
 Richard Wilson
Director and Head of Melbourne
Richard is a Director and Head of Melbourne, with a background in leadership development, strategy and transformation. With areas of related expertise in the human capital and management consulting arena, Richard has focused on assisting clients to build solutions that integrate business goals with sustainable people development.
Ivan Choi
Principal Consultant
Ivan is a Principal Consultant and our Innovation practice lead. An accomplished executive adviser in strategy, innovation and organisational design, Ivan is adept at partnering with clients across a multitude of industries to drive enterprise transformation, unleash growth potential and deliver profound value propositions and social impact.

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