The Australian Financial Review: How to run an important meeting well

It takes skill and hard work to chair a meeting effectively but it pays off in the long term and is definitely a skill worth nurturing. Want to learn more? Here’s how to do it.

The benefits of running meetings go long past enjoyment, it is also efficient from a time perspective, can enhance outcomes, create and build cohesion and trust and vastly increases the likelihood of the group discussing tough and important conversations in the future. On the other hand, poorly run meetings are much more likely to produce bad decisions, and make participants avoid future collaborations.

What makes meetings bad? There are are a few reasons and the most common ones include:

  1. Lack of preparation;
  2. Poor processes and structure;
  3. Individuals putting personal agendas ahead of the team’s needs.

This can all be changed though and to be a great chair there are a number of important leadership qualities to draw on including listening, fostering collaboration, conflict management, self-control, organisation skills and – perhaps most importantly – judgment.

To chair important meetings successfully, Anthony shares his top techniques and tips with the Australian Financial Review.

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