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REACH – Virtual Delivery

Bendelta announces the launch of its virtual delivery arm, REACH, delivering its major leadership, organisational, strategy and culture development programs online through a suite of digital platforms and tools.

The launch comes in response to the many organisations needing an alternative to face-to-face engagement, with coronavirus fears and an increasingly dispersed workforce limiting offline opportunities. REACH delivers entirely virtual solutions for:



Strategic and Business Planning






REACH has been in a pilot phase for the last 12 months, with its official launch fast-tracked in response to the pandemic. Our virtual delivery arm was originally developed to support flexible working and dispersed teams and reduce carbon footprint. At the same time we are able to increase scale and leverage technologies that improve speed, are more inclusive, combine diverse perspectives, enhance the quality of decision-making and democratise organisational culture.

REACH combines online jams, virtual whiteboarding, experience sampling apps, live polling, as well as more standard platforms such as webinars and video-conferences. Experiences include:

  • Modular webinar-based program on calm leadership for senior managers
  • A team optimisation program for people managers now managing remote teams
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching for strategic leadership in times of crisis

25-minute problem-solving events joined by up to thousands of people at a time to generate creative solutions to problems

1-2 day leadership and strategy events delivered virtually

3 month modular programs that strengthen teams that are dispersed across continents

Meet some of our virtual delivery team

Ali Noble
Principal Consultant
Ali is a Principal Consultant specialising in managing and delivering programs to build self-insight and enhance individual and organisational capability and performance
Rob Hunwick
Senior Manager
Rob is a Senior Manager and migrated to consulting after launching his career in creative advertising.
Tony Tow
Senior Manager

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